2013 Rules and Regulations

May 11 (75 Lap Shootout) No points Mahnomen @ 3:00

June 15 Enduro (150 Lap) Mahnomen @ 6:00

June 21 Endro (150 Lap) Ada @6:00

July 20 Enduro (200 Lap) Mahnomen @ 6:00

August 3 Endro (150 Lap) Mahnomen @ 6:00

August 17 (150 Lap) Mahnomen @ 6:00

August 31 (200 Lap) Ada @6:00

Six-Pack 1000 Enduro Series

Norman County Raceway-Mahnomen county speedway

Contact Dennis @ 784-7088 or Steve @ 556-1208

Track Tech Dave @ 280-3127

Entry Fee $45.00 with $5.00 going to end of year points


1.      Cars and trucks are checked for safety rules only at pit gate upon entering track, as quickly as possible following the race. All running-cars are checked for rule violations. Any car adhering to all rules will at that time be disqualified and will NOT be paid. Each person is responsible for reading and following the rules; don’t come if you can’t follow rules. No official results will be available and no positions will be paid until after inspection of all cars is complete.

2.      4 cycle & 6 cycle front wheel drive, non-turbo or supercharged fuel injected cars will be permitted to run permitted to run. 1991 and older TBI fuel injected engines will be permitted to run. You must have a fuel pump shut off switch that is clearly marked and accessible.

3.      Racing seat belts are mandatory. Safety approval racing helmet required. Long pants and long sleeved shirts are required, fire suits are highly recommended. Headrests are recommended to help prevent whiplash. Racing seats are highly recommended. Racing window net is MANDATORY with proper quick release system on driver’s door.

4.      One 4-point roll cage is MANDATORY. All four points must be welded to frame. 1 ½ pipe min. (no galvanized, well pipe role cages allowed-roll cages must be safe and strong). Drivers head must not extend beyond the roll cage.

5.      Interior must be completely gutted. All burnable materials such as headliners, floor coverings, and rear seat belts must be removed. Dash optional. A piece of metal must be installed between back seat and truck to act as a fire wall. No rearview mirrors allowed. Must be cleaned out (interior), no glass, cans, or debris, Etc.

6.      No altering of suspension must be in stock location.

7.      Only tires designed for street use may be used. Rims no wider than 8” allowed, Modified or reinforce rims will be allowed, steel rims only, 1” Lug nut recommended. Max tread face of 8.5”. Racing wheels are mandatory on right side.

8.      Doors and trunks must be chained or wielded shut. The only holes in the hood or trunk are to be for chains or cables to run through. Bumpers must be chained to prevent them from falling off onto the track. Hoods must be able to open for inspection.

9.      Gas tanks are safest in stock location. They must have additional double straps or chains to prevent them from falling on the track. If the original brakes. See rule 11, call with questions on proper location for your vehicle.

10.  Battery must be securely mounted. If battery is relocated to passenger compartment it must be installed in a battery box. It must be secured by steel straps bolts to frame or cage.

11.  If tech inspectors feel that you are not safe you will not race!!

12.  Only one radiator must remain in stock location. Transmission coolers must be located in engine compartment. Gas lines need to be run in frame rail only.

13.  No radio communication allowed with drivers, automatic disqualification if found.

14.  This event is designed for stock vehicles, no high performance parts are allowed engines and drive train must be stock appearing inside and out. Rods and crank shaft must match block. Heads must match block, i.e. no 305 heads on 350 blocks. No aftermarket cranks or rods. Cubic inch on hood and fenders. (No exception)

15.  Penalties if caught cheating lose points and prize money. Second offense will be dealt with by officials.

16.  Cars will be parked in starting position on the track immediately after being signed in, be sure your car is ready to race when arriving at the track.

17.  The race will consist of only one event. It will last 1 ½ hour or150 laps and or 2 hours 200 laps. At 50 laps the race will be considered a complete race. If the race is called before 50 laps it will be to the discretion of the track officials and fair board members whether there will be refunds given.

18.  Each car must provide one person to lap count. This person must be in the designated grandstand area 45 minutes prior to start of race. This person will have the responsibility of watching your car as it passes the flag stand on every lap: therefore, do not assign someone this job who will not pay close attention to your car, and watch entire race. Please choose your lap counter ahead of time and have them read the lap counting instruction section. They don’t need any supplies, but should have some idea of what they will be expected to do. Lap counter pays grand stand admission.

19.  Finish line is scored at the flag stand for final lap count. You may enter pits under yellow flag, but you are not allowed to enter on red flag conditions. You may leave pits under yellow, but not on red flag conditions.

20.  Management and track officials reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

21.  Roof signs are mandatory with car numbers displayed.

22.  All final rulings shall be that of the endure judges. If there are any questions or concerns, officials will listen to the concerned parties driver and drivers only.

23.  Any deductible that may apply in regard to medical treatment will be the responsibility of racer.

24.  Lap penalties will be given for rough driving and passing on a yellow flag, this is an enduro race not a demo race. Officials will be paying close attention in this area!!

25.  Absolutely no passengers will be allowed to ride. If you cause two yellows you will be disqualified, you may get pushed into the pit one time to get your car fixed. We want to keep the race going.

26.  In the event that your vehicle results in the termination of the race, you will forfeit your position in that race, but you will receive your points that you earned.

27.  The switching of drivers and cars will not be permitted. If you start a race in one car you may not switch cars in the event that your car cannot finish the race.

28.  Disorderly conduct or cheating on the track or pits will not be tolerated (Ex. Obscene gestures, fighting, and obscene language). Behavior deemed inappropriate will be penalized with 1 race. Minimum suspension, this is not only limited to drivers, but to any member of the car numbers pit crew as well. We are not babysitters!!

29.  All cars are required to have mud flaps! They must be at least 18 inches wide, 4 inches off the ground and cover all wheels. Mud flaps must be truck style. No flaps no race!

30.  All cars must have drive shaft loops installed for safety purposes.

31.  All cars must have working 4 wheel brakes in order to race.

32.  Trucks ARE allowed this year, 2 wheel only!!! Bumpers must be lowered to match bumpers with cars.




Lap counting instructions

1.      Only one official lap counter per car allowed in area. No children, friends, etc. Seating is limited to lap counters only, remember you are responsible to provide your own lap counter.

2.      Be sure to turn in your lap board to an official on stage immediately following the event. If you don’t turn the board in on time, your results will not be official and your car will be disqualified.

3.      If your car goes out and comes back in again later in the race, write down time when the car passes the clock on the very next empty line, don’t skip any lines!

4.      Official results will not be available until all cars are inspected and lap sheets are checked.

5.      Remember that everything the track announcer says is not only at least 5 minutes late, but is also unofficial and has nothing to do with the actual finish until it’s completely finalized.




Points will be awarded as follows:

 1 point per lap completed

 5 extra points awarded to race winner

 25 points awarded as show up points